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Hey dude I want to know why I was banned I love that server and I was really far into it. Someone was changing the time to nght with witchery I saw the sign that said [bANNED WITCHERY] in the banned things i thought you put it there so i asked the *NEW* Mod and he said that he was the one who *His words* Fu**** up the sign and all i did was take screenshots and he got mad at me. After that i told him about the oven he told me to make a ticket and i did and i asked can you help and he said Why the hell should I help you after that BS you gave me earler then I told him that he is a moderator and he should be impartial. I have screenshots of everything I have been nothing but nice to everywon on the server I was just trying to look out for the server since he was a new mod.



-Skype: loopykid22

-Email [email protected]

-Facebook www.facebook.com/MooshroomClan

-Youtube www.youtube.com/user/pokemoncardz102

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Name: Tyler Almachar IGN: tjaplayer


Skype: yes/no (speech interview required)  Yes, Will release at a later date to other mod

Experience being staff? Yes, I've previously been a staff-member on two servers. The first position I had was on a small population server. the second had about 20-40 people online at once. So I know the responsibility for a moderator

Current rank on server? Builder

Why do you want to be staff? I am hardworking and dedicated. I am looking to make some great friends and get rid of enemies, and to be involved in a great environment

What staff/mod related plugins do you know? Not many, but you can learn with experience.

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Here's my staff app :)



Name: Trinity


Age: 13


Skype: Someone can contact me and get that info but I do have a Skype


Experience being staff: No, but I'm very trustworthy and hardworking


Current Server Rank: Yeoman (Builder)


Why do you want to be staff: So I can help out because I've noticed the mods don't really help out to much and I want to change that and give people the help they want.


What staff/mod related plugins do you know: No to many but I can learn them pretty fast




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Name: Akkilles


Age: 14


Skype: panait.razvan2


Experience being staff: Yes,I've been admin and co-owner.


Current Server Rank: Yeoman (Builder)


Why do you want to be staff: I want to help the server because i see only 1 mod online(Laxboy) and he may be busy so I thought it would be much easier if it would be 2 staff's on all the time(At least me,cause i stay a lot on the server)


What staff/mod related plugins do you know:  I know worldedit,groupmanager,pex,essentials of course and if i don't know one i can learn pretty fast.




Sorry i copied the form above me but i wa s to lazy.

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Name: Autumn (ILuvPandas634 as in-game name)


Age: 14 1/2 :P


Skype: I have one, but will only share when asked


Experience in Being Staff: I was a Co-Owner on a past server that was shut down when Minecraft updated to 1.7.  I was an Elite Mod on another server that shut down when the owner crashed it by placing the most of the Minecraft world with TNT and exploded it (lol).  And lastly, I was a Mod on another server, but was demoted due to lack of server activity (I started playing Attack of the B-Team lol :P)


Current Server Rank: Laird (Veteran)


Why I Want to be Staff: I would love to be a Staff Member because I have noticed a lot of new people (to Attack of the B-Team and the server) have a lot of questions and trouble that I would enjoy being there for them.  I have always loved the server and I just recently became a Veteran (like 30 minutes ago :P).  I don't think that the server needs fixing, but having a little extra help never hurts anyone (; This is the only server that has been kind to me (most of the time), and I would love to be a role in making people feel the same way I do about the server. :3


Staff/Mod Related Plugins I Know: I know the basic plugins, Essentials, WorldEdit, and etc. (I know how to create Stargates, but I'm not sure if that is a Plugin or not) Sorry, I would add more, but I'm not 100% sure what Plugins the server holds.  If I am not familiar with some of the Plugins, I would be happy to try my hardest to learn them in anyway I can.  I'm pretty familiar with Attack of the B-Team itself, but of course I have not explored it all... just yet (;


I hope that you will consider my application, but whether or not you do, I'm happy I got the chance to try :DNo matter what, I will always love the server (Even if I get banned XD but I hope I don't :P


Thank you so much for taking your time to read this!!!


P.S. Recently, I haven't been on the server that much due to lag (client sided). I am either getting a new computer or more memory for my current computer right now.  I will still go on the server, but not as much as I will once the update happens. Sorry!!!

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Name: Ryan Burns, IGN- ryanbyr


Age: 10


Skype: DuckStep_

Experience being staff: Moderating on a TF2 server, did it for allitle. other then TF2, I have no experience for Minecraft.


Current Server Rank: Yeoman (Builder)


Why do you want to be staff: I want to be a staff member for serveral reasons- first off, not many staff are active beside's Laxyboy and Legit and sometimes when there not on it can be a promblem because there not there to help. Another reason is When someone breaks rules, is rude or griefs, I want to be able to take action, I'm pretty active on the server and I would love to be able to help out people more, my third reason is I'm very turthful, and my reputation on other servers is really good, I've never been banned on a TF2 server or a Minecraft server, I hope that shows I'm trustworthy. My last reason is I would like to be more known to staff, what they do is really nice to the server andthey help out alot, I want to be able to be as useful as them if not even more useful.


What staff/mod related plugins do you know:  Wolrdedit is all I know.


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Name: Adrian   (roadrunners325}


Skype: yes/no (speech interview required)  i have Skype but currently have camera problems that im getting fixed (will change name to roadrunners325 for convenience} 

Experience being staff? ex Ftb mods on server

Current rank on server? Laird

Why do you want to be staff? already actively helping players , mod would only allow for more help when needed

What staff/mod related plugins do you know? not many but am a fast learner.


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