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Attack of the b-team needs a new mod, it needs build craft. Build craft has a lot of cool features: transportation, auto mining, auto crafting and other stuff. Attack of the b-team does not have the best transportation and mining. if your like me you like auto mining and  transportation of those mined items. where are you going to store those items in chests? Maybe. The iron chests mod add some cool chests. By the way we need that mod to. But we need Applied Entergistics that mod has awesome sorting and storage and auto crafting. But in all we need the following mods Build-craft, iron chests, and Applied Entergistics.

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The devs have said elsewhere that Buildcraft and Applied Energistics don't fit the idea of the theme of the mod.  And iron chests add a lot of redundancy.  The storage issue is being discussed elsewhere, but I'm pretty sure the other two mods aren't ever going to be considered.

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i know but i like auto mining and other stuff i can install the mod my self just the ids are messed up. i put a list of the messed up ids


1501: plainPipeBlock from BuildCraft|Factory - showcase from Statues
1502: autoWorkbenchBlock from BuildCraft|Factory - statue from Statues
1511: pumpBlock from BuildCraft|Factory - waypoint from Waypoints
1522: eternalSpring from BuildCraft|Core - CandyBlock from FoodPlus
1523: filteredBufferBlock from BuildCraft|Transport - ChocolateCake from FoodPlus
1524: floodGateBlock from BuildCraft|Factory - CofeeCrop from FoodPlus
1530: blockOil from BuildCraft|Energy - RefrigeratorIdle from FoodPlus
1531: blockFuel from BuildCraft|Energy - RiceCrop from FoodPlus
Suggested Ranges: 2628-4095 (1468 IDs), 2292-2626 (335 IDs), 422-565 (144 IDs)
and the link to the build craft download
who ever can help change ids please. also leave a link to the file 
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You do not need to install ANYTHING...at all.

You have all the information you need.


Go find the config file for the appropriate mod that has issues (I'd suggest Buildcraft) and then change all those IDs with the conflict to numbers which are already suggested...then try again...done.

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