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Hello! I would like to know if and how to add a mod to the Hexxit modpack. I've read a post that you can add mods and I was really hoping to add shaders mod if anyone can let me know how I would do this that would be great. If I would install the same as vanilla just let me know. If this should be in some thread also let me know. :)

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I was at the same spot with smart moving in my server but solved it:


The easy part:

1 - Download the right version of the mod (for MC 1.5.2 in this case)

2 - Go to %appdata%./technic/modpacks/hexxit/bin (win 7)

3 - Make a backup of ALL the files inside that folder. (just create another folder called "backup" or something like that and copy all the files and folders inside)

4 - Check the backup of your files are safe.


The hard part (working with the files inside bin folder, NOT the backed ones:

6 - Open the "modpack.jar" file with any zip manager (right click, open with "yourzipmanager")

7 - Open the mod you want to install with your zip manager and check what files and folders are required (usually there's always a readme.txt inside them)

8 - Select all the files needed from the mods zip and throw them inside the modpack.jar file. (replace or overwrite if needed, that's why we made a backup before)

9 - Open the launcher.

10 - Launch your game or modpack.

11- ???

12 - Profit !!


For server side: same as above. Just find the modpack.jar and make your modifications.


TIPs: All mods goes to the modpack.jar, never insisde the minecraft.jar (this is different from the "vainilla" MC, if the mod says "install in minecraft.jar" you just do it inside modpack.jar)


Sorry for my english :) hope was usefull.

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