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[1.0.8]Survival b-team[factions]32 slots just started


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Server ip:



New server just started. working on plugins and building spawn.



Server Rules:

[1] No cheating/hacking

[2] No advertising IPs/Websites

[3] Use English in chat (No excessive cussing)

[4] Do not spam or use  all caps 

[5] No asking for OP/Free Stuff/Creative

[6] Respect faculty members

[7] Play with common sense


Key features:

  • Survival
  • Anti-grief
  • Friendly gameplay for all ages
  • 32 lag free player slots!
  • 24/7 uptime - Hosted commercially, not home hosted!
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I like it once i find out how to allocate more memory to my modpacks i might do a vid on it telling people to join!

Easy, find the gear icon in the technic launcher, which should be in the top right, click it, then choose how much memory you want to allocate.

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The server does not restart constantly just once in a while to reduce lag and also to install plugins as it IS A NEW SERVER and we had a player spawn camp which he got banned after being told to stop multiple times. spawn is now protected from pvp so that will not happen again. Also i think you just might be the player that got banned so hope you have fun on another server buddy

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Hello, I have been playing on this server for a little bit over a month now and may i say its the best one i have been on! The staff is always asking if anyone is in need of any type of assistance. Most importantly though it has a GREAT community! Recently i have been trying to get on to the server though and will never work :( is the server down for some reason or is it something i need to fix with my computer? Keep up the good work!

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