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Two Bungie Fans Play Galacticraft


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Hi! My brother and I are big fans of Bungie's games going back to their Macintosh days. We also like playing games cooperatively. We're doing a series of let's plays of older Bungie games, but we also wanted to expand to other games as well, but keep our Bungie theme-- so we're playing Galacticraft, on a mission to go to Mars and rebuilt the colony ship Marathon from Bungie's classic sci fi shooter series. Since Minecraft is cross-platform, we're also doing it on Macs.


We started off with some vanilla gameplay, and gradually added a series of mods, including Galacticraft. We've now got about 90 installed and are just starting to get to the Galacticraft content, with our first trip to the moon coming up in just a few episodes!


Here's a link to the latest episode


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Thanks for the feedback. We are definitely going to be slimming that intro down. There are a bunch of episodes in the can that already are uploaded that use it, but once those are done there will be something else in its place.

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