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Huss Labs | Mad Science, Advanced Technology and Space Exploration


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Introducing the Huss Labs modpack…

Taking inspiration from one of the original Husscraft builds, Huss Labs is a Sci-Fi/Tech pack for Minecraft 1.7.10.

So what sets it apart from all the other Tech-based modpacks?

  • World Generation: Combining Biomes O’Plenty with Realistic World Generation, to create some of the most stunning minecraft landscapes you’ve ever seen.
  • Intergration: Bringing together mods which compliment each other.
  • Mad Science: Whether you want to role-play as Rick Sanchez, or infect your friends with a deadly virus, this is the pack for you!
  • New Mobs: From seeing new animals in the wild, to bringing extinct species back to life, there are always discoveries to be made.
  • Security: Protect your base with keypad locks and cctv cameras.



Feedback and constructive criticism greatly appreciated. This is my first public modpack!


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