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Chunk will not load, server flooding with location errors


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If you are running a server you can try to set in the forge configs the option to remove erroring entities to true. You have to set it to true in two different locations of the config in order for it to take effect. Then restart your server. Please bare in mind as it says in the config file this can cause some more harm than you would like because ALL erroring entities are going to be removed. That is my fair warning. However if you do decide to go this route once you start the server and it loads up you will then stop the server set both options back to false and then re-start the server and provided the chicken was considered an erroing entity it will be removed. As for you being stuck in that chunk you can delete your player.dat file and it will remove your inventory and armor and on log in set you back to the server spawn. By deleting the player.dat file I mean your's specifically. It will look somthing like <PLAYERNAME>.dat

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