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With the Minium Stone changes, ender pearls are harder to come by, so I figured I could perhaps return to buildcraft teleport pipes, but looks like they were removed. They got me good!


Was thinking of some kinda ender pearl farm using an auto spawner and mob grinder. Thoughts?

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Like Niverton said above, you can upgrade to the latest build of EE3 to get the stone to work.


You can go the auto-spawner route as well, just remember that you'll need a ghast tear to craft the reusable safari net which you need for the auto-spawner.


Or you can go download the Additional BC Pipes mod and just place the jar file into your mods folder on the server and on your PC. Keep in mind that everyone that connects to your server will then also need this file.

Can download version 2.6.0, which I'm currently running with no issues on my private server, over here : https://github.com/tcooc/additionalpipesbc/releases

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Any trick to sending items with tesseract? Quarry doesn't seem to want to input them into the tesseract.


Edit: Problem lies with my Item Router. It is jamming up. Anyone know anything about the item router jamming up in this latest version?

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