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[1.0.10] FancyMC [38 Slots][PvP/PvE][Open][Factions][McMMO][24/7][The Rift Removed]


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  Play With Us:

Talk To Us: ts24.gameservers.com:9269



This Is A Hexxit Server

Please Click The Hexxit Icon In Your

Technic Launcher





Few Banned Items! 24/7 Uptime!

Many “Lounge Areas”

Including a Strip Club!



Why You Should Join Us!

FancyMC Strives to provide the best and most enjoyable server/community to our players/guests. We are looking to expand and we need more players! FancyMC’s Hexxit Server has a 24/7 Uptime, and we are constantly improving the quality of the server for each and every member of our community and server. We are looking for fun, enjoyable, laid back, and fancy people! The server’s future is in the player’s hands, you all are the voice of the server and we vow to keep you all entertained!



Our Server Info!

While we strive to provide the best Hexxit Experience for our players, there is a small cost. We have removed 1 mod from the base Hexxit Pack, The Rift is not available on our server, and it will not be available during the server’s uptime.

Below is a list of all the Items we have banned, it is quite small.

             Ender Bow (Crashes server when fired)

           Emperor’s Chalice (Infinite Water Source: Griefing  Item)

            Ender Backpack (Griefing Item)

              All Meteor Summoners (Griefing Item)

              Buster Bullet (Griefing Item)

             Chest Transporter (Griefing Item)

              Capsule Station (Griefing Item)

              Destruction Catalyst (Griefing Item)

              Bane Of Pigs (Broken Weapon: Insta-Kill)

              Walker Sword (Griefing Item)

             Buster/Storm Shot Magazines (Griefing Item)

              All Light Crystals (Corrupts Chunks)

              Enchanted Book (When Placed On Bookshelf Crashes Client)



Our Fancy Plugins!


            World Border




              Easy Warp

              Buy Craft




Fancy Server Rules


    No griefing

    No Begging for items

    Don’t Advertise

    Respect The Staff

    Be Fancy


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