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Suggestion for new mod/command


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We have had a few people start down the Galacicraft tree, and they have gone on to the Moon, only to have problems and die there, with no way to get back to the Earth/Overworld. There is currently no way, that I know of, to teleport a player from one dimension to another. A command such as the tpx one from Mystcraft would be really handy to have.


In the mean time, I have suggested to folks that they should use Sync and create a clone of themselves in case they die again in the future.

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That's them lacking foresight, I'd say.

Enhanced Portals is enough to get yourself back, so I'm with cigarjack in that we're probably okay.


Well, it would be an end to them playing on the server if they couldn't do anything. One of the guys died because he was the first one to get to the moon and the server had to generate the world, causing him to crash before he could do anything.

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