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  1. I've had this issue once and awhile especially if I have some junctions in conduits. I picked up and replaced some conduit and everything started working again. Not sure exactly why.
  2. Enhanced Portals work between different dimensions. You can also take your ship back provided you haven't crashed.
  3. Currently WIP but I went for a kind of a fallout bunker feel with my current base. http://imgur.com/a/Cak9i
  4. I've used http://www.akliz.net/ for awhile and been happy with them. They have an auto-installer for quite a few different packs including Attack of the B-Team.
  5. You won't get liquidxp by mobs killed form the ginder, I believe it turns it into mob essence.
  6. Looks like it might be from the Necromancy Mod according to one of the changelogs I saw on the MC Forums.
  7. I've posted the crash report there and also to the Project Red GitHub. It looks like it may already be fixed in the next build, whenever that is.
  8. Be cautious with the crafting pipes, for some reason the on Single Player it worked fine, but on my server when setting ghost blocks in the crafting pipe it crashes the server.
  9. That's how I want to power my whole base! A massive bank of pigs on treadmills!
  10. I'd love to see Extra Utilities added, so many handy items in that mod.
  11. The storage in this system isn't terrible, just have to learn to use it. I am curious to see what they add though. I hope it is something different than what we typically see in every other modpack.
  12. I noticed that in your video, the terminators and responders seem to do the exact samething. In my build I use responder chips where you used terminator chips. The mod is definitely powerful, a bit unpolished yet. Also you can use the crafting pipes on just about anything. The problem is it only pulls out what is intended to be made and not the byproduct so if you have to hook an extractor pipe up to a third side on something like the Sawmill. Just watched the video in your other thread. Well done. I'd be willing to collaborate on writing up some documentation.
  13. Crafting and Extender pipes work together. Put a crafting pipe on the output of a cyclic assembler and the extender pipe on the input. Right Click on the Extender pipe and insert a data card into top slot for each material required for crafting (i.e. for a Diamond Pickaxe you'd need two) Put the Data Card in the bottom row one for each material. In top row set the number of materials (2 sticks and 3 diamonds) In bottom box set desired output. Then test from Request Pipe So far I haven't bothered with it as I don't really mass produce anything too much in this mod pack yet. You can also use the Liquicrafting table from MFR but it needs a timer on it and having a bunch of those would get annoying. Also the chest that feeds my Smeltery I have a request pipe hooked up to it and every so often I go over and send all my iron ore into the smeltery to be processed into ingots.
  14. I can record a video tomorrow going over what I learned. Warning though I'm new to recording videos. There is some video on the Project Red Pipes, not real good though, no sound. From what it looks like the pipes are still being implemented.
  15. After watching GenericB's episode on Project Red Transportation Pipe I started using those and storage became a non issue really. I've got a bank of 32 double chests hooked in for storage of most items and DSU's for things like cobble. Going to be putting in some Reasonant Strongboxes to replace the chests eventually.
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