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Yellorite Ore turning into Uranium?


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I smelted some Yellorite Ore and it turned into Uranium.


I've looked up as much as I can on the mods but I find no connection.


Are the item IDs just bugged or is this something that is normal?


I was expecting ingots.

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Enriched Uranium does give radiation poisoning but you can mitigate it by moving it quickly from a furnace to a storage space and just making sure you're not starving so you don't die.


But yes the starting process for processing yellorite using a furnace turns up enriched uranium and not yellorium ingots, you get yellorium ingots once you start pulverizing the ore into dusts and using a redstone furnace to make the ingots.

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yeah, that i know of. but i find it sort of strange that ore gives uranium... wile yellorium ore had not even a bit of uranium in its name(aka: they should add it as a tooltip or something :P)

ahh well, resolved the issue now and got a reactor with pulverizer and redstone furnace running now again.

p.s. i started a new world because i wasted too much on my previous one due to engines and dynamo's for power gen :P

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