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There is One Problem with this mod pack.

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There is no BUILDCRAFT IN THIS MOD PACK!!! Are you kidding ME! This is Sooo AWESOME Modpack ,,,,,,BUT THERE IS NO BUILD CRAFT?!?!?! OH MAN THIS JUST SCREWED MY MIND UP. PLEASE ADD IT I will bag for it or pay for it please D'; Please Add'em!


You could also add it if you want it that badly. But as Loader said many of the functions are replaced. Specfically the immediate two that come to my mind are TE3 and ProjectRed as they pretty much cover what BuildCraft has. Quarries are also somewhat replaced by Minions. But I am curios to know what BuildCraft has that you are looking for.

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I don't miss buildcraft at all. The biggest use I got of of Buildcraft was the quarries but for me they tended to stop me from caving since I had all the raw resources I would ever need. I think this pack gets around no quarries by the great ore spawn generation which makes it rather fun to spend even a few minutes caving and getting plenty of resources you need for a while.

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