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Missing Spirit World on my attack of the B-team Server


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Hi there!


Im having some issues and i couldn't seem to find the solution anywhere so im trying here.

Im currently running the 1.0.8 server, and for some reason i don't seem to have the Spirit World or any Spirit World Related items on my NEI list, is there something i`ve done wrong? All other dimensions seems to be working fine, but im missing the Brew of Sleeping to get into the spirit world, all items you are supposed to get there don't exist etc. So if there is something i need to turn on, to activate it, could someone please help me? Because i can't seem to find any solution for this.

Thank you in advance!

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Tbh i have no idea, i did not find any further info on that, i tried running the 1.0.9 beta on my singleplayer and still can't find the brew of sleeping or any of the other missing witchery stuff there.

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All of the items you get from the spirit world aren't required for the dreamcatchers in the 1.0.8 version so there's not a lot of reason to want to go there, but what Halestorm says is right, I'm pretty sure it's coming soon.

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