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Odd behavior with Harvester + Itemduct + Item Router


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Okay, now I'm feeling stupid. I'm almost certain I connected the itemduct properly to the back of the harvester

         * Set to "output" (red) mode

         * Lever is on

         * Works when the other end of the duct is a chest


And I'm pretty sure that I set up the item router correctly:

         * All output ducts set to red, with levers on

         * Works when I throw the items into it manually (Apples, Saplings, Logs to the appropriate places, other items spewed onto the ground)


But for some reason, when I connect the output of the harvester into the top of the router, it does something weird. The FIRST item gets routed properly. Everything after that goes into the router, then comes back out the top, goes back, and clogs the pipe at the harvester. The harvester then "shuts down" (idle bar stops decreasing) until I break the duct off the back, when it springs to life and spews tree detritus all over me...


Did I screw something up, or is this something I should report as a bug?

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