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Adding more planets to Galacticraft?

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The multiple planets you may have seen in that video was an alpha version sneak peak.  From what I have heard, the version that had all those other worlds was extremely buggy, yet, and crashed often.  Kinda like a few of the other mods we know when they first converted over too 1.6.4 minecraft.


You might be able to use some tricks too simulate other worlds, by playing around with Mystcraft portals on the moon and/or on your space station, but for now, that's the most you can do, too add more worlds, without knowing how to program in Java.

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So why do you have to delete the moon in order to add a new planet?


If you apply the addon in this tutorial to your MC will you still be able to visit the moon in galacticcraft? 


I'm a tad confused, probably because I haven't learnt Java as of yet (would like to though) this tutorial removes the moon from the game? Or just ensures you don't accidentally distribute an additional copy?

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