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[1.7.2] APOC Pixelmon 3.1.4 | [Technic Pack] [FREE Stuff!] [24/7] [No Lag] [No banned Items] [Trainers Enabled] [Flying/Riding Enabled]

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Server Rules:

  • Do not harass, mistreat, threaten, make racial remarks or slurs, insult religion, etc to any player or staff.
  • Do not hack, exploit, xray, duplicate, etc in any way.
  • Do not advertise! If you want to share a server to a friend share it via skype or some other form of external communication.
  • Do not impersonate staff or any community staff member such as Planet Minecraft, Enjin, Technic, etc.
  • Do not raid/grief unless your factions are at war and the land is claimed by the warring factions.
  • Be friendly to all players, we want everyone to enjoy their time and have fun.
  • Thats it! Follow these rules and there shouldn't ever be a problem.

Get a free starter kit:

  • Login to our server.
  • Go to our enjin website here: http://apocclangaming.enjin.com
  • Join the website
  • Click on Server Shop
  • Select the server you are playing on
  • Scroll down to the bottom where it says FREE STARTER KITS and claim your kit.
  • The free starter kit comes with: 32 Spruce/Birch/Oak/Jungle logs, 1 Bed, Full Chainmail, All iron tools & weapons, Bow, 64 Arrows.

How to join the server:

If you already have a client with Pixelmon 3.1.4 installed your good to go! We have no other server-side mods you need to download.


If you don't, or want to get some performance boosts with pixelmon you can download our custom technic modpack following the instructions below:

We have a teamspeak server for the public to use, it uses virutally no internet bandwidth unlike skype and helps stop internet lag when gaming.

Connect to our teamspeak server at apocclangaming.enjinvoice.com


Dont forget to checkout our other servers, websites, forums, etc below!


If you find a problem however please report it to us immediately, we fix server & plugin problems on a daily basis.



Are you a player on our server? Show your appreciation by placing our banner in your signature. Help us spread the word about APOC!



Free MCMMO & Economy!

Post your MC account name on this topic and show staff to get 50 MCMMO levels and $2500 Economy!

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Fixed the server overloads...

Apparently pixelmon was spawning pixelmon at such a high tick rate over time the server crashes from the sheer number of pokemon its trying to spawn in.


This should be fixed.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Moved our B-Team to our new 2nd dedicated server to reduce cpu load on our main server.

This was causing TPS drops for all our other servers, so the lag issue should be fixed now.


The B-Team server is still online with the same port and ip, just running on a different server.

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We are fixing ALL OF OUR VOTE SITES!

It has been about a year since we posted our voting sites and due to the amount of servers and work we have had to do they have been kinda neglected.


Over the next week all of our vote sites will be updated and old ones that don't work removed and hopefully replaced by new websites.

All voting from here on out will be on our enjin website so we can reward players for their votes at the end of the month.

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The problems were people teleporting around to unexplored areas and pixelmon trying to generate Pokeloot chests at such a rapid pace was crashing the server.

This has been resolved by removing /tpr and portal creation.


So far the server has been up for several days without a single problem.


Our Tekkit Main server is now updated to 1.2.8D

Come check it out at: tm.apocgaming.org !

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ALL APOC SERVERS will be resetting their worlds and splitting their purposes into different worlds via multiverse as explained in this post:

Worlds will reset April 21st!



This way we will not need to reset the worlds that players build their houses/bases in and we can safely reset any modded worlds to replenish mod resources and dungeons.

We are still supporting supporter player data backups/transfers to new worlds and schematic saves of homes of 75x75 in size if you have premium supporter or higher.

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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