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So I read up on HeatHunter's elegant solutions to automating one of galacticraft's crafting machines; the electric compressor.  Yahoo!!  A melding of AE networks and Logistics Pipes for the win! 


But somewhere on my base... BOOM!!!


It took me a while to find it but a diamond transport pipe that I was using to help autocraft via the ME network using a liquid transposer and a magma crucible kept exploding when it received a new large order.  Using the ME network I had a ME Interface with a "recipe" output to a diamond pipe which would direct the various components to the proper machines.  I had used it many times prior but something was new.


Turned out this explosion "problem" only seemed to happen when the logistic pipes were active.  IOW the pipe exploded when the ME network was providing materials to both the diamond pipe in one set up and the logistic pipes in another setup at the same time.


Its a minor problem overall, but I'm wondering if anyone else has come across this or something similar.



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