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Attack Of The Bteam wont start!


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When I updated my pack it wouldn't let me play it. I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING, The Technic staff don't seem to care that this problem is occurring all the time with other users of their launcher. I have Java 7, I have re-installed the modpack and the launcher several times. BUT NONE OF IT WORKED. I'm outraged by the lack of attention by Technic Staff.

Sorry to sound like a horrible person but Technic need to do something

-Kind Regards, AussiexGod



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1) This is the Tekkit forum, not attack of the b team (that one has an own forum)

2) As far as I know the Technic Team does have NOTHING to do with attack of the b team...that modpack is done by someone else (another team)

3) It is free...I would choose other words if I were you.

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1) Nothing wrong here

2) Technic team made Attack of the B-team FOR the B-team. So, they are involved with it.

3) Eh. Not gonna touch this one.


As for OP: Did you uninstall Java 1.6? You need to do that as well.

Technic offers support through the tracker. Did you use/read through that? Not that you'll need it now, because I most likely fixed your problem now. But I'm just saying.

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