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[1.0.10B] HIMNI.SE ➔ Small and friendly ★ 32 Slots ★ 24/7 ★ No Whitelist ★ No PvP ★ Grief Prevention & Logging

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Still not allowing me to join! I've tried redownloading everything a million times and still no! I'm very sorry I have not been able to come online but I have to get this problem figured out. I don't believe it is with the server, something must be wrong with my computer.



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I was building a airship and by accident I clicked on the helm while the ship had no air ballons attached and I crashed on attempt to re log in I keep getting internal server error but I think I have come up with a solution to the problem after 2 hours of research it seems the only way to get me back on the server Is to delete my player data so I can re join


please do this because I have progressed so much on this server and I don't want to start a new server this one is the best ive tried don't make me leave plz

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This sounds impossible, but I would like to report a grief and request a mod to be banned from this server.


When I came on the server, I was already having a bad day. this was beginning to blow over, though, and I was having some fun. User jbhoop204 is a user I already was having trouble with. Ever since I gave him permission to my land, since we were MC friends, minor griefing and stealing was going on. I cannot prove this, nor am I 100% sure this is true. anyway, I removed his permissions from my land.


This is not the reason behind my post (more of a backstory).Later on, jbhoop204 flys by with his airship, and he lands on top of my cobblestone place when I ask him to come down, snce he dropped an item. When he tries to fly away, his ship cathes pretty much my entire structure and machines. The shio must have not been able to handle this, because it stopped. However, I mined away tor attached cobble and he flew and reattached his ship, since vertical travel is apparently impossible. The ship then caught the walls to my base, my machines, and part of my smeltery and tried to fly away. before we could do anything else, entities are cleared, which usually means dropped items. however, this deleted the airship with all my stuff.


The worst part? I protected this land the entire time. Grief was supposed to not happen, but it did.


So, although it was an accident, jbhoop caused major grief to my place and used an exploit to circumvent pluggins.


Moreover, if people can do this knd of catastrophic damagve with a flimsy airship, then I believe something needs to be done, even if that involves banning the mod from the server.


Lastly, I would like the materials for the following spawned back in a chest for replacement, which is just what I want and not what I lost:


magma crucible

redstone furnace

three leadstone energy cells

circuit fabricator

advanced solar panel

approximatly 30 liquiducts (Optional. I can make more)


the calculations below are likely false, but they will have less materials than more than what i lost, although the amount of charcoal is a very rough estimate. calculations assume nothing was inside the inventories, which I don't remember.


15 lead

24 copper

12 gold

40 redstone

12 iron

20 charcoal to recover energy and re-create certain components


The reason I prefer the materials rather than the items is because I will be rebuilding immediatly

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 I want my gear back i lost

Stack of lapis blocks for luck on pick and sword

15 cobalt and 15 ardite for tools

5 balls of moss

4 emeralds for tool modifiers

100 nether quartz for sharpness

Full amethyst armor or equivalent 

3 lava crystals

3 stacks of redstone blocks for modifier

5 diamonds and 5 blocks of gold for modifiers

16 paper for tools

24 blue slime crystals

ak47 and 4 clips of ammo

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Hello would I be able to join cuase I want to play on a sever that's well like mindcrack or something good commutiy and no bans on items and I have been looking and if this don't work out I go looking again

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