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  1. i got banned for being a chicken that is just wrong. this server sucks. you better of playing single player.
  2. id rather not say JBBearTolson i don't have one but i am planing on getting one 13 but vary mature i play minecraft like all day every day I'm getting bored of playing single player idk maybe ? play this awesome mod pack with real ppl (instead of my villager friends in my single player world)
  3. ok well his ign started with milk. and can you unban me plz? edit: it was the guy who posted this thread so yeah dude unban me!
  4. i got banned for being a chicken not the animal. i spawned in and was in the middle of know ware i did /spawn and tped to a wrecked spawn it was a bunch of houses and it was night i was looking around at spawn. i was talking to a dude on the server when i was typing i got killed by a creeper AT SPAWN!! so i respawn and do /back and theres nothing there but my axe. so i tell a admin that you guys should fix spawn and i get banned for being a chicken. plz unban me i didn't do anything bad the admins name was milk something i forgot the rest he banned me so fast.
  5. In attack of the b team you don't punch trees you get you minnons to do if for you!
  6. But I don't like all the crafting and smelting it takes to make food plus food i built a infinite carrot and wheat farm
  7. I have a pickaxe that has luck(fortune three) auto smelt and auto repair it works pritty good
  8. Any update that's higher than 1.8a project red requires the latest version of Java I had the same problem.
  9. Or eat bread and Nutella it fills half your hungar. But take a lot of crafting to make.
  10. Rise my minions this is the first step toward world domination!!!
  11. I built the rocket and it took like 5 stacks of coal,200 something iron, you will need a ton a heavy duty plateing that takes tons of power aluminum steel copper tin. Yeah it's not easy also you need ton of fuel. To get that you need to refine tons of oil and to do that you need tons more power. I gone through 6 fully charged battery's and counting.
  12. Actually exactly the same!
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