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Sprinting is an option


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First of all I love the B-Team Mod pack.
There is only 1 minor detail that prevents me from enjoying it: sprint.
I just want to assign sprint to a key. It doesn't need to be toggle, just press, hold and sprint.
I KNOW you can double tap and I KNOW that the sprint key isn't yet implemented in 1.6.4 BUT:
Is it possible - for instance - to add the "Better sprinting" MOD to attack of the B-Team?
I've been trying stuff for over 2 hours now and it's drivin me crazy.
Is anyone genius enough to come up with a solution to "shift sprint"?
Btw the double tap sprint always stops when you hit a wall or a corner, where the shift sprint doesn't: quite the issue.
Thanks in advance!


Oh and I share Chimneyswift's vision on the sprint key:


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I know some ppl have their own ways of moving fast and I know some ppl like the double tab more.

However I would like to have a key to use sprint. Can some one help me out,

or explain to me how to add a mod to the b-team pack?


Thanks for your interest anyways...

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Ok, so I downloaded the forge ".zip" file here.

I tried to copy it in this folder: "AppDataRoaming.technicmodpacksattack-of-the-bteammods".

But it didn't work. Is that what you mean or am I doing it wrong?


Thanks for the reply so far.

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OK, after another few attempts I managed to do it.

I downloaded the forge zip, unzipped it and added the ".jar" file to the "coremods" folder of the "attack of the b-team" folder.

It works. Let's hope it doesn't interfere with other mods in the future, when I explore all the mods, as I play further down the road.


It's a lot more efficient with a sprint button bwt, you press and hold it once, and you can run around.

With the double tap, every time you hit a solid block you have to double tap again. (so annoying)


Thanks for the support every one!

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