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B-Team won't load up.

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On the tracker there is a button that says "Start New Issue" - click it and fill out the information. Below is the instructions on getting logs and how post them:


Getting Crash Logs
* Run Technic Launcher
* Select Attack of the B-Team modpack
* Click on the Cog icon located on the bottom left of the modpack logo
* Click on "Open Folder"
* Open "crash-reports" folder
* Provide relevant log files


Getting Launcher Logs
* Run Technic Launcher
* Click on the Cog icon located on the top right of the launcher
* Click on the "Logs" button
* Provide relevant log files


Pasting Logs
Use one of the following methods to show us your log files:
* Attach file to posting
* Use http://pastebin.com and paste the resulting URL in your post
* Use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste the resulting URL in your post

For overly sized files, attaching or using the above URLs may not work, you can use one of the following for these types of cases
* http://mediafire.com
* http://dropbox.com

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