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Ways to decrease lag in ATOB??


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Hey guys,

Is there a good way to decrease the lag in ATOB? I HAVE reduced my render distance, particals, clouds are off, done everything I can think of. Even when it runs on it's own my computer still spazzes and is laggy as all hell. So is there any way to reduce it further and bump up dem frames? Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers

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Increase available RAM? This may not necessarily help but it is worth a short (if you notice no changes what-so-ever, just change it back down to what it was). This is done via the cog icon in the top right. You can also attempt at using optifine, however this may cause more issues than help and i only suggest this as a final resort.


Any additional suggestions would require to know your computer specs so these types of things can be more tailored to you.

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You may want to disable some of the weather mod features. I disabled the wind and that helped me. In your game just type /config and it's on page 5 or 6 I think. You just have to change the statement to false for wind_active. Be sure to save the change before switching to a different page or exiting the config gui.

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