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How much RAM do I need for tekkit?


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It does not work like that. Frames per second depend on CPU calculating power, graphics performance and only after that on available free memory.


Is that a 32bit or 64bit operating system?

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Depends on render distance. If you max that out, requirements do rise sharply for computing power and memory. I allocated 7GiB to my client on an 8GiB machine, and while this may be more than it needs, I like to have some reserves.


If the game runs slowly, decrease render distance. That is the one metric you can really tweak fps with.

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It should be noted that Minecraft, despite its seeming graphical simplicity, is a very demanding game and will run badly on slow computers.


If you tell us what CPU and graphics card you use, I can give you a hint what you need to upgrade to improve that performance. Concerning RAM, you are actually decently equipped. Going for 8GiB won't hurt, but it won't matter if your graphics chip is a turd.

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