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Tekkit Bugs - Balkon's WeaponMod

Omega Inferno

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Hello! I'm completely new to the Tekkit forums, and I've been playing Tekkit on Single Player for some time... Dying and loosing my items 1-2 times, dying to time to time but somehow still having enough confidence to get up and keep going...

ANYWAY, I wanted to say 2 bugs that have been bothering me for some time... The first is when I shoot the last shoot of the Musket when its durability is able to fire 1 more shoot in'till it dies, though when you do the game closes itself, and opens up the Tekkit launcher, when you go back to the game, the Musket and Monster you were shooting at is gone.

The second is when you have the Warhammer and try to hold back the hammer to do its ground pound, the game closes itself and the Tekkit Launcher comes back up. But when I got back the Hammer was still in my hand though I got fireballed by the blazes, even though I had full health, I died instantly... And I tried to ground pound again with the Hammer while I was getting attacked by Overworld monsters, I think it when you right click the monster with the hammer... Please fix these! Plus the durability for the weapons seem pretty low and die out quickly...


OH! And I forgot, the Dimensional Doors Mod. Time to time when you fall into Limbo and leave it from walking on the Ancient Fabric, you die from suffocation in the ground, and I'm afraid to use them anymore since I keep dying in un-known places when the doors teleport me in the Overworld. :/

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