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Big Dig server not working correctly


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I've been trying to make a Big Dig server, and the server starts up fine and everything, and my friends can get on alright, but the world generated by the minecraft_server.jar file is vanilla. I downloaded the server straight from the site, and followed the directions, but for some reason it just gives me a vanilla world every time, yet the minimap and NEI work fine, aside from NEI not being able to spawn in any mod related items. Also, when I try to open the BigDig.jar file, it gives me a Java exception and doesn't let me extract it or run it. Any Ideas?


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@Fancyboss - dont use the vanilla jar, use the BigDig.jar or the launch.bat associated with the modpack, and you wont have this issue. To everyone else: they dont have time nor is it their responsibility to respond to every single post on these forums, they do what they can.


Edit: Oh, @Fancyboss - that list tidbit of the post i missed originally: You dont extract the jar, you execute it. If you have issues using it or the launch file with the pack, post on the tracker then, link at top of page.

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