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Oh boy, where to start.


Hi, my name's TrueCatalyst. I dunno about you, but I've always loved roleplaying, in any game really.

Minecraft, I find, is a very flexible game. And Hexxit allows 20x more flexibility, what with all the mobs and

changed terrain... Weapons... The Twilight Forest...


It's like, a whole lot of worlds mashed together. What I think is cool, is the stories that can be written with

this flexibility. Stories of you and me, of heroes or villains. Men and women, winning or losing together.


I mean, how long can one stand to be alone... To not share the adventure of Hexxit?


Well, here's a way for you laidback, smart kids.



<-- TrueCatalyst and Z8MB1E -->




Sorry. I got excited.

What does it mean? A roleplay server?

Does that mean I don't get to do things my way? What if I wanna just cut trees and kill bears... Eat slime...


Feel free. We're totally leaving those who just wanna come along for some rough country survival stuff alone.


However, if you are one of those guys, like me, who was searching for a millenia for one good Hexxit server... One without

a bunch of unnecessary addons, complicated rules, dumb policies... One for some serious, epic roleplay...

You've come to the right place my friend. We've got custom, hand-written lore right here, with a whole lot of Dark-Souls-esque factors, similar to bonfires.


We enforce... "realism", in this magical realm. So no "/me cuts your head off lol"s here.

I myself have been roleplaying for years and find that fighting monsters is much better than facing possible companions.

But I'm getting off subject. And I'm pressing enter too much.


In this realm, called the Hollow, once named something much greater, is at the bottom of the drain. Imagine... All the worlds possible in the infinite expanse of

time and space have itty-bitty holes in them. Some are created by scientists... Evil wizards... Or just supernatural anomalies. They rip people, souls, pieces of the earth,

out of their home dimension, and toss it into the Hollow. You, by either dying or touching one of these holes (giggity) have been sucked into the Hollow.

Whether this is a living purgatory, or a dead world, the threat is still very much real.


Rule like an angry God. Escape, leave this place. Or fix what just might be broken.


[im new to this. First Minecraft server. Cut me some slack.]



Edited by TrueCatalyst

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We had some technical issues for quite a long time, and I went about another project. I can assure you that DAWN is coming soon, I just need to get some stuff in order. Im unsure if this qualifies the post for

removal or if I should just leave it up. My apologies.

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That is an epic and well-done introduction. I've been looking for a server like this for a long time: small, modded, and roleplay-oriented. I'm an avid and experienced post-by-post roleplayer, but I've never roleplayed on a multiplayer game before, so this will be an entirely new adventure for me.  

Hexxit is about adventure and treasure, dungeon-delving and boss battles. The player is a unique character of his or her own with a story to share. No world is complete without the unity of a group of close adventuring friends. he concept of the Hollow is original, simple, and pleasant. You have given players ample opportunity to create their own characters and immerse themselves into a world unlike any other – a world that they will come to call home, regardless of their origin. They will come to embrace it with love or hate. Their character and the world around them will shape the server and the people within.

Should I add general whitelist information so that I can be whitelisted?

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It's been over a year since I last looked at this post, as I've talked among friends of different projects, and now I am returning to this one. I'll bring the server up very, very soon.


So sorry for the wait! 

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I saw this and got incredibly excited, but I am disappointed to see this server is not actually running yet. :(


If there is a large audience for role playing on a server, I wouldn't mind creating a similar server until DAWN is running. I'm just looking for others to play with who are looking to role play and take the game seriously. 

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I am definitely interested, Kellysaurus. I've never been a part of a Minecraft roleplay server before, so I'm unfamiliar with how it works, but I am experienced with roleplaying in general. It's an art that I take seriously. Consider me in. Might you give me some information on how to roleplay on a Minecraft server?

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I am definitely interested, Kellysaurus. I've never been a part of a Minecraft roleplay server before, so I'm unfamiliar with how it works, but I am experienced with roleplaying in general. It's an art that I take seriously. Consider me in. Might you give me some information on how to roleplay on a Minecraft server?

I've never run one before, but I would imagine you create a character and imagine you are thrown into a new world. Backstory would be up to you, but we all somehow ended up in this world. 

I don't have lore and such like DAWN does, but I'd imagine we can practice being totally immersed into the game by pretending to *be* our minecraft character. Kind of like how people RP in WoW. We talk as them, and type in actions as we do them. (Not every little thing, but you know what I mean)

I'd like to get a few people on board before I turn my current server into an RP server. So far it's just me and my partner, so I'd wanna make sure we have enough people to make this fun.

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      Helpful friendly staff to help and answer questions!

      Is there anything you want that we don't offer? We'd love to hear about it!
      Expected 24/7 uptime, EXCEPT for daily restart of server at midnight (CST) (Current uptime at 98%)
      We want players that enjoy a roleplay environment with the occasional pop culture reference here and there hidden in game!
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