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What was the name of that machine?

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I'm not quite sure what you mean. I'm pretty sure the team that put the modpack together has ensured that all variations of ingots are compatible with one another. eg Tinkers' Construct Copper can be used to make Thermal Expansion devices. In saying that, you can literally melt all your ores in a Tinkers' Smeltery and it won't matter (+ you get double ore output, at the cost of lava instead of power/coal).


As for the Tool Forge, the crafting station used in Tinkers' Construct, that is crafted using iron blocks.

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Yes it does - you can use most metals from tinkers construct to make a tool forge (as well as make it with diamond or emerald blocks if you really wanted).  Tin, Copper, Aluminium, it's all fine.  The galacticraft aluminium block doesn't work, you need to convert it to the TE aluminium first with a unifier, that's the bug.

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