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  1. So I'm devoloping a modpack and testing the mods one by one. Using Realistic World Gen on pack. So I wanted to put a mod that increases the caves and ravines created on the world. I found Reika's one. But whenever I create a world with RWG or normal my client crashes. I have openeye installed in it but openeye says that TE and Waila causing it. But whenever I remove Cave control from the pack I can load worlds no prob. Any help? Openeye Crash: http://openeye.openmods.info/crashes/2195915e420a9a539e3351b82d71fdc4 Crash Report On MC Launcher: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10096408/ "Latest" log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10096459/ Ask anything if it helps!
  2. TE4! Simplicity always wins.
  3. So, I am making a new modpack for 1.7.10 and my client freezes after I make a world. It launches with no crash though the problem is creating a world. It doesn't seem to be freezing after I remove the thaumcraft from the pack. I'm using Thaumic Exploration too but it still happens after I remove the addon from the pack. I tried the same thaumcraft earlier with less mods and it just worked fine so I think it's conflicting or bugging with something perhaps? But then why the minecraft title screen is loading fine? OpenEye doesn't seem to be detecting it either afther the reopen. Logs for the latest(free to ask others if required): http://paste.ubuntu.com/9411377/ Current mods(screenshot): http://gyazo.com/09504f5ca7ec7c1b6d6eae90f43b337c
  4. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? I was derping around with google search. and found this topic. thanks so much
  5. xx [You know what you have to do moderators 8) blame the forums for having no delete :/ ]
  6. I know that he could use 1.6.4 pack but not 1.7.10 pack. Does java that matters?
  7. Edit: Nope disabling protection didn't work for him. And yes he is sure that he disabled all of the protection systems he has. Another solution?
  8. Thanks for explaining. But the fix that I found is simple. 1-Right click the download button 2-Click "Copy Link Adress" 3-Now you have the right link for other programs to insta-download
  9. Logs: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8210004/ My friend is getting this problem and he cannot play a custom modpack. But I and other people can do. I didn't quite get whats the problem on this log. Anyone can explain and how to fix it? Also I am really sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this. Thanks.
  10. Nope But is it so hard to write one? Or I'll contact the modmaker to can he make a config file for that.
  11. Can I make a small mod (or coremod idk?) for a modpack that generates witchery trees on world like the Project:Red's colored trees? Randomly in world and not in a spefic biome. Anybody can help me with that?
  12. It been a half an hour but i resent it like 10 times but no email in my mailbox. Is site having issues or just me?
  13. Realms are part of vanilla. It's in really early stages I think. Maybe in future if Mojang wants to add it...
  14. Yeah might be part of project red. You need saw to create silicon and make infused silicon.
  15. I spot that blocks too. I put that same block and it crashed me. I tried to google them but no results. I think they might be a mini mod from Tropicraft? Because volleyball court looks like bamboo block. But no idea yeah.
  16. Yeah fighting witchery with witchery might be cool idea to fight with curses. I am a witch on my server (but I only choose to be a "Witch That Controls The Rain") I can't get taglocks in other people's beds... I got my taglock when I try to do that. so ONLY SLEEP IN CARPENTER'S BEDS OR SLEEPING BAGS. That way you eliminate the factor of passive taglocking. also DO NOT OPEN THAT GREEN COOL LOOKING CHESTS. also look for weird looking roses. Yeah try some curse removing skills but keep in mind that witches can teleport you around...
  17. I had this issue too. I got over 80 fps in vanilla but i had realy nasty frames in AOTBT. Solution might be so simple. Open your Technic Launcher, Click on the cogwheel (aka Launcher Options) Use 3 GB Memory if you can. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT: make sure "On pack launch: Close Launcher" selected. Hiding launcher might seem harmless but it is. You will get better frames with this. If not, try using optifine or something.
  18. Maybe you only have 2 GB ram in your computer/laptop. Then the question might be obvious. Check your computer's settings by right clicking your Computer>Properties and you can see in your Installed Memory. If you have 4 GB or higher, It might be java problem.
  19. 1. IGN: Jason_Anaminus 2. Age: 16 3. Maturity Level (1-10): 8-9 4. Experience with AOTBT: Played on another servers and good with TE and MFR. Also I will carry a Mystic Branch 5. Skype Name: jason_anaminus (I don't like doing voice chat, i wonder if its ok) 6. Personality: I'm a nice, friendly and funny guy.I talk alot. I'm so reliable, you can trust on me. 7. Good at Building?: So much possibilities with microblocks and Chisel... 8. Why should you be accepted?:Walking Wiki (jk im really friendly and will help anyone and give gifts) I, _Jason Anaminus__, have read the rules and have accepted them with pride and honor.
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