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Keeping planters filled


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I have a remote planter setup, remote as in no where near my main base and my ae setup, feeding in with enderchests is a no brainer but does anyone have any good ways of keeping the planter filled with multiple kinds of saplings/seeds? I can think of a few that are rather tedious but I'd thought I would ask and see if anyone else has any clever solutions.

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Or use lagistics pipes to fill the planter, that way you can set exactly how many of each plant type will be in the planter.  It will prevent the planter from filling up with one type.  Not sure how you'de want to link the remote planter with your storage network though.


I usually just make a loop from the harvester too the planter, then have the overflow, and whatever is harvested that should not go into the planter, go back out too a dropoff point. or a tesseract.  Usually use BC pipes with a diamond pipe set to output the items the planter can use, back into the planter as all the items pass by it.  Not the perfect solution cause it can eventually fail if the planter goes through items quick enough and/or the harvester gets backed up.



Harvester ---> logistic pipe, supplier pipe --> chest as a buffer/manual fill point, rest of items --->tesseract/enderchest to return to your base.


other side of chest...


buffer chest --> provider pipe, provider pipe --> logistic pipe, logistic pipe --> supplier pipe, supplier pipe --> planter.


this would keep your planter supplied with plants, manage your total supply of plants for your planter, redirect the stuff you don't need replanted, like wheat or wood, and send those and the overflow back to your base.  should be self sufficient once you have everything set.

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