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[3.1.2]The TrOllS City/Federación Gamer[100 Slots][NoLagg][GriefPrevention][PvP]


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This server is hosted on a dedicated machine the 24/7





1) Don´t Grief.

2) Respect  all users.

3)Don´t ask staff for items or ranks.

4)Do NOT Advertise websites or IP´s.

5)Do not use x-ray,hacks,bugs or attempt to dupe.

6)Only speak in spanish or english in the chat general.



Banned Items are Restricted Only to Those Which Dupe or Bypass Grief Protection!


For example


Explosive Catalysts, Nuke, Item Loaders, World Anchor.



Major Plugins:


Grief Prevention




Chest Shop


Tree Assist


Mob Arena


PvP Arena



What we can offer?


For starters, we have absolutely no lag at any time, under any load, no matter the amount of players online. We also offer the opportunity to vote for our server on the links that offer you in and win great reward. Our server currently runs both Grief Prevention; as well as the option to play solo or with friends in a community.


So what are you waiting for - connect to IP: today 

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