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ObsitusCraft Attack of the B-Team 24/7

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Server IP:
Visit us on obsituscraft.enjin.com to see a full list of rules.
This is an attack of the b-team server 1.0.9c. We welcome you to come join our server. We have a tight group of players and we are definitely looking to grow bigger. Don't be afraid, Come join us.
At the moment the Plugins we have installed are:
We are looking for new Plugins in future, such as Shops and Job.
Our server have a few rules that we are kinda strict on.
Griefing is only allow IN the WILDERNESS 
No Hacking, Cursing, Advertising, and Spamming.
Respectful of other
Current banned Items:
Dubstep Gun
Minion Staff, since it been crashed the Server.
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