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ObsitusCraft Attack of the B-Team 24/7 Beta

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Welcome to ObsitusCraft
Attack of the B-Team Server

We are a friendly group that welcomes new players. Our staff members are friendly and always willing to help.


-Be friendly and kind
-No Caps
-No Spam
-No Swearing
-No Griefing
-No Cheating
-No Insulting People
-No Asking for Promotions
-No Taking Items From Graves
-No Stealing
-PVP ok if both parties agree and a third party witnesses or you have to post your agreement in the forums
-Faction PVP ok if both factions agree and it is posted in the forums
-Use /helpop if you need help and explain what you need please
-Have Fun

Banned Items:
Dubstep Guns

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