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First steps at galacticraft?


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1. Lots of metal (When I say lots think STACKS)


2. A circuit fabricater/ Power source (This could be from TE or a electric genrator or solar panels)


3. A compressor


4. Empty oil canisters and portable oil extractor


5. Refinery


6. A Nasa workbench


From there you just need to make a fuel loader a launch pad and a space ship. Then all the things youll need to wear in space. lol There are a lot of things to do. Go check the wiki.

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yes the galacticraft wiki has a great getting started page. but it lacks the process of actually launching and your options thereafter, for example building a space station or going to the moon. Also things like your rocket launch pads are given to you along with your rocket, in a parachest after you arrive at the moon/space station. very simple stuff, but critical when leaving for the first time. also theres a nasty bug that does not spit your items out of the nasa workbench if you dont have all the necessary materials for the tier 1 rocket. take all your items out first before closing the gui.

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3. Aluminum - Mine quite a lot of this, since you cannot pulverize the Galacticraft aluminum ore because it'll turn into Tinkers Construct aluminum instead. 3 stacks might do the trick.


Why is this a problem? I was able to use any ingot i wanted when it come to the compressed plate forms as well as for any of the other crafting recipes requiring aluminum.

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I built the rocket and it took like 5 stacks of coal,200 something iron, you will need a ton a heavy duty plateing that takes tons of power aluminum steel copper tin. Yeah it's not easy also you need ton of fuel. To get that you need to refine tons of oil and to do that you need tons more power. I gone through 6 fully charged battery's and counting.

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