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Open Blocks Radio. FIX for 1.0.10b!

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Some of you may of noticed radios no longer stream in the update of 1.0.10b. Instead, whether on server or single player, it will say "unknown stream type."  This is because the open blocks updated and the update requires a client side mod called NotEnoughCodecs. You can download that here: http://openblocks.info/ and just simply dump it into your mods folders. This is just client side, if you have this mod and connect to a server that doesn't have it, it wont make any difference except you can hear the radio whiles others cant. Just like optifine.I wouldn't recommend putting this into your server mod folder though, this might cause issues. So for you server owners, just inform your players who want the radio to visit this nice little thread. http://nova-server.enjin.com/forum/m/21463099/viewthread/12456173-guide-on-how-to-get-radio-working-in-bteam-update-1001b/post/last#last


I hope this mod will be automatically included in the modpack's future updates.



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