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HELP Hexxit screen stuck loading in HELP


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Dude SAME it started last night and I have been looking for a solution for hours.... Since it's happening to both of us, maybe it's a bug thats in the current update. I tried deleting the pack and re-installing it, maybe like 10 times now and I've tried to increase the RAM storage on technic... I've updated java, and I'm not really sure what else I can try... It's super frustrating... I noticed when I try to launch,  the pop up load window (FML Loading Screen) never actually loads anything, it says 0% on all the loads and then tries to launch, before going black. It kinda makes me feel better that i'm not the only one going through the white, or black or seizure inducing flashing screen... 

Hopefully someone will have an answer...

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Exactly! I'm having the same issue. It's so odd. I haven't experienced anything like this before. I've tried different versions of the Hexxit pack and it still won't work. It seems that it's an issue with the hexxit mudpack because my other modpacks will load fine. I'm having the same white, black, or whiteblackwhiteblackwhiteblack flashing. Luckily I'm not epileptic... seriously intense flashing. I have 10 GB ram allocated so that's definitely not the issue. I've deleted and re-installed it multiple times. I am using my MacBook Pro to try to play which is what I thought the problem was but now I'm not sure (I've been a windows user my whole life but college changed that). I might try it on windows 10 and see if there's a difference

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I've been struggling with this for days. Can anyone help with this issue? This screen is very rapid and glitchy with lots of black and white pixels. It doesn't crash but the window display  is very corrupted. When I read the log it seems that many textures and symbols and features of the mods cannot be found. But I reinstalled and deleted the pack well over a dozen times.

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