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[1.6.4]CrimeInc.[PvP][40 Slots][CrimeInc. Custom Modpack][Economy][Custom Map][Guns][Alcoholic Beverages]

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Pack URL: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/crimeincmodpack.337863

Server IP: crimeinc.joinmc.eu




In this server you try to earn money, sell alcoholic beverages, get a nice house, kill people and be rich. Our server has a unique map: it has a noobmine (non-pvp) and a outer mine (pvp) where you can get resources. You can sell your resources at the noobmine. We also have houses which you can rent: there are noobhouses (cheap but only for 3 days), shops (cheap and for 7 days), modern houses and big towers (expensive but for 7 days).


There also guns, but not all guns are permitted. We banned the guns that are too OP, for your own good. The AK-74 is not banned, but his recipe is deleted. This gun will only be available for Swat+ (see further down). You cannot shoot people in the safezone. If you are in the outer zone, you can shoot people and you can be killed. Watch out!


Then we have the 'Alcoholic Market'. Here you can sell alcoholic beverages such as wine, sake and ale. This is how you earn money on the server! You can also find there stuff to get started with brewing them. The items you can buy are: rice, grapes, hops and nether wart.





In our server we have police men who protect the server. If they see you shooting at a player, in safezone or in outer zone, they have the permission to kill you! You have the right to shoot at them, but watch out, they have armor that you can't get and they use the AK-74, what you also can't get.


What a policeman needs to do:

- Kill people that kill other people. DO NOT KILL PEOPLE THAT ARE JUST WALKING IN THE OUTER ZONE!

- You may kill people that are at the Alcoholic Market, BUT ONLY DURING THE DAY!

- Write the persons that you killed in a book with a reason (you can find it at the bottom floor of the police station), write your name in the book, so we can see who killed him and put it in the archive.


What you get when you are a policeman:

- Your very own room

- 500 Chromes per 1 kill

- A complete armor set, including the AK-74 with 20 mags. (There are item spawners, so you will not run out of mags and armor)

- Your very own SWAT car. (Your car can be broken by players if you're not in the driver seat, so watch out!)


If you want to be a policeman, apply like so:


Unfortunately, you can't apply for a policeman yet. We need at least ten regular players on the server before we hire policemen. Thanks!




Applied Energistics




Damage Indicators

Flans (Modern Weapons, Manus Civil Package)

Food Plus

GrowthCraft (Hops, Grapes, Rice, Core, Cellar)

Inventory Tweaks

MrCrayfish's Furniture



Thermal Expansion

Zans Minimap




1. Open Your launcher

2. Click on 'Add Modpack' in the left scrollbar.

3. Go to our modpack page (link at the top of this forum post)

4. Copy the modpack link and paste it in the specified input.

5. Then click 'Add Modpack'. Launch the game and add the ip at the top of this forum post and you're done!

























Keralis - Some houses we used

Yarne/zero2one & Niels/MaestroRS - For making the server

Cemali/Scolar_CS - For making his 'tricky' riddle

Edited by MaestroRS
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