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Hover Mode?


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Hi, I just make a powersuit and add the electric jetpack for it.


Buy I can't open the hover model when I press the M key with pressing space bar. It only open the minimap menu....


is it not function becoz I am using a mechanical keyboard?


Is it any alternative key to do it? Thanks!

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to get something like the hovermode, add a flight control to your helmet of the MPS


you should bind this to a key however, so you can switch it on and off (you can bind keys for MPS using "K" just define a new key and drag the flight control image near that new key it will attach to that key then...)

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hmm strange, normally it keeps the height...


did you rise the power bar of the flight control (in the tinker table)?


keeping it at 0 supports a creative like flight with your jetpack (you have to manually adust height then, space and Z are the default keys)


I think this is even better than the old hover mode...

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You could try the following module combo instead of the jetpack:

Flight control, rocket boots and sprint assist (and shock absorbers if on survival, which you probably already have).


Assign a key (as described in the earlier posts above) to the flight control module and switch it on only when u need to hover. Also, set the other modules to max power :)

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