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Thief Challenge


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Hey guys. I came up with this cool challenge and I thought I'd share it with you guys. It's called the Thief Challenge. The rules are as follows.




1. Start with full Thief's armor and a Ninja dagger, all with Unbreaking III and Soul Tether


2. You can only craft things that you cannot find naturally or are difficult to find naturally (e.g. enchanting table) Everything else - tools, weapons, materials, etc. - must be "stolen" from chests in dungeons


3. You cannot kill human-like mobs unless absolutely necessary (these include, but are not limited to, pirates, walkers, and villagers.)


4. You cannot craft or smelt anything unless you are in a dungeon or settlement. No sleeping


5. If you die in a dungeon you are NOT allowed to go back to the same dungeon; however you can go to a similar dungeon


6. Your challenge is complete when you've defeated each of the following:

    Battletower Golem x3

    Walker King

    Pirate Captain

    Giant Turtle

    King Goblin

    Minoshroom (maze map not allowed)

    Twilight Lich





    Ender Dragon (final)




Tell me what you guys think of the challenge. Post videos and such things. Please try not to hate

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