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Magical Divination

Magical Divination is a non-tech modpack created by Nerd Storm Production. It focuses strictly on Adventure and Magic. There are a variety of changes made to the actual mechanics of Minecraft that make this pack quite the challenge. This pack is NOT for the feint of heart. This pack is for those that thirst for adventure and exploration. The pack used Solder integration so updating is not an issue and will be fairly quick after the initial download. All mods within the pack are at the current stable (if not better) releases of the mods contained within. If there are issues with the mods I will provide what help I can but more than likely it is a problem with the mod itself. This mod has been tested on both SMP and Single Player and works without issue.

The pack offers a questing system as well as enhanced NPC Villages. The Modpack also contains a variety of terrain generation mods that will reward your exploration with various dungeons and towers that contain loot. The modpack has been configured to allow loot from these special chests to contain some otherwise unobtainable items from other mods.

Magical Divination also contains a survival system. You must maintain your health and be careful while traveling in darkness. There is no telling what terrible creatures lurk in the night. Players will also come across events that can and will create an even larger challenge. 

Do you have what it takes to embark on this epic adventure of Magic and Exploration? Do you think you can survive the creatures of the night? Try for yourself and see.

But wait there's more....Magical Divination is completely compatible with SMP. So perhaps you want to embark on an adventure with some friends.

(This post will be edited with a server pack as well as an official Magical Divination Whitelist Only Server)






All mods in this pack belong to their rightful owners. I claim no ownership of any mods in this pack.



Permissions List


Mod List



Nerd Storm Production Minecraft Website


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-Updated to version 1.0.5

- Removed Colored Lights Core as it was crashing on SOME world gens not all
- Updated the config files to contain more loot from the dungeons and BattleTowers
- Big Update to ZeldaSwordSkills
- Big Update to AntiqueAtlas
- Removed the Body Temperature check from Serverside (left it on in client)
- Turned off certain Physics to reduce impact on performance, left on Landslide Physics
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Updated to version 1.0.6 - Crimson Build

- Added more quests to HQM
- Server files accurate and working
- Official Server up and running
- Implementation of WebStore
- Re-Tweaked some configurations
- Updated EnvironMine to latest stable
- Updated Ender Expansion to latest stable
- Re-enabled earthquakes. (Experimental)
- Custom Music Records Added

That's right. The crimson build brings the SMP that I said was available and in early testing stages during initial release in the teaser video. So Magical Divination now has a server that is whitelist only that you must apply for. I will also upload the server files for those that may want to try and make a Magical Divination server. You can apply for the white-list in the server thread I will be making as I want to stay within the forum rules and leave this specifically for discussion/updates relating to the modpack. 


Server Files: http://tinyurl.com/nwwj2bv

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Updated to version 1.0.8 - Not a very large update but a nice one none the less

- Cleaned up more configs
- Cleaned up some mods and their files
- Gave a whole face lift to the main title screen thanks to new mod


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I wasn't going to post this today as there was an update yesterday however this update is too large to hold back as it does resolve some game-play issues. Sorry to those of you that just updated the pack yesterday and now have to update again.


Major Update


Build 1.1.0 - Bloodthorn Update


- Total and Complete Overhaul to Title Screen (credit to BrunuhVille for new Menu Music)

- Significant Mod Updates Listed Below:

       - OpenBlocks updated to resolve internal server soft-crash issue when opening "Domination Book"

      - Botania Update to Rev 169 (see changelog in spoiler)


  • Rebalanced mana generation. All values are relative to the values previous to this release. These numbers may change back slightly if any of the changes proves too drastic.
    • Dayblooms had their delay reduced, now 20% faster overall.
    • Nightshades produce exactly as much as Dayblooms. So 140% faster overall.
    • Hydroangeas will instantly grab water after they're done with the last drink. A single block of water lasts for 4x as long to prevent sound/update spam. 127% faster overall.
    • Rosa Arcanas will produce twice as much mana per XP point. They also have 4x as much of an internal buffer. 100% faster overall.
    • Endoflames had no changes.
    • Munchdews had the amount that a leaf produces increased tenfold and their internal buffer increased fiftyfold. If they spend more than 5 ticks without eating any leaves they'll go in a 80 second cooldown period. 900% faster overall.
    • Gourmaryllises have a higher multiplier for the amount that a piece of food produces and a larger internal buffer. 255% faster overall.
    • Narslimmuses have a higher multiplier for the amount that a slime produces. 412% faster overall.
    • Thermalilies had their cooldown lowered from 8 minutes to 6 minutes. 31% (+ a negligible number thanks to inheriting the dilligence upgrade from the Hydroangeas) faster overall.
    • Entropinnyums had no changes.
    • Kekimuruses had their cooldown increased and amount of mana per slice drastically increased. 75% faster and 181 more resource efficient.
    • Spectrolususe had no changes.
  • Added an options button to the Lexica Botania's main page.
  • Added justified text to the Lexica Botania's text pages as a config option.
  • Entropinnyums now muffle the sound of an absorbed TNT explosion.
  • Fixed an exploit where Thermalilies could be broken before the cooldown period starts, skipping the cooldown entirely.
  • Fixed an exploit with the Gourmaryllis where more than one can eat a single item at once, producing much more mana than intended.
  • Fixed Mana Bursts with Bore Warp lenses fired from a Mana Spreader destroying dropped items.
  • Rewrote the text rendering algorithm for the Lexica Botania's text pages to be less of a mess and not bug out around some formatting codes.

     - Configurations updated to add more loot to dungeons

     - Server Side Implementation of new random generated structures.

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Updated pack to 1.1.2

Prayer of Relief Update (Server Side) (mainly effective on Magical Divination Server, as it adds a "favor" system in which you pray to the gods of Tamrien for relief and it forces you to balance your favor with the gods to reap benefits to further you in your journey)

Client Updates

- Hopefully further resolved the supposed crash relating to ChocolateQuest like in the previous version (I have yet to receive any crash reports so it seems to be working fine.)

- Updated the Modpacks help page to show what is recommended to run this pack

- Updated the config files yet again to add more loot to the randomly generated dungeons

- Updated the config files to remove old configs no longer in use as well as have some mods generate new ones

- Removed remnants of Ropes+ items that potentially could have caused some errors client side (mainly a server fix)

- Updated the Meteor Configs to adjust radius that meteors will fall from players as well as disabled meteors getting the ability to create Nether Portals

- Changed EnviroMine configs to disable Sanity and BodyTemperature (they simply didn't play nice with the fire mobs). For those that want it re-enabled you can make the change in your config file.

- Changed EnviroMine food rot time to be 31 days as opposed to 7 (server side)

- Added in the faction system for Prayer of Relief. This initial update puts the placeholder in for Single Player. Those that play on the server will receive updates to the QuestBook without having to download new versions of the client, simply logging into the server will auto-update your quest book. (unfortunately users who are Single Player only can only do the first tier of Prayer of Relief Quests but will need to download the next version of the client once it is available to get the remaining Tiers from the Prayer of Relief event this weekend. This is not to punish or promote the SMP server.) This is simply the most efficient way to do it without having to spam bump my topic/pack with tiny updates that simply change the configs. I try to reserve topic bumps specifically for large updates or important ones.

- Botania configs slightly altered to set using alternate textures to false. I turned this on accidentally in the hotfix updates

- Battlegear2 GUI bar for the quiver has been adjusted. Now it will properly appear on the screen when you switch to your bow weapon.

- Changed starting quest that introduces combat to give you a Deku Shield instead of the Wooden One because I like Legend of Zelda.

- Adjusted quest repeatability rates to better balance out the Prayer of Relief faction system.

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Updated to version 1.1.3


- Updated Botania to latest stable
- Updated DragonAPI to latest stable
- Updated GeoStrata to latest stable
- Removed "Agressive Update" configuration from DragonAPI and Geostrata
- Added more loot to random generated dungeon and battle tower chests
- Began creation of Official Wiki that has a "Getting Started Guide" for new players. (http://tinyurl.com/lc5mqo8)


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Magical Divination updated to version 1.2

- Updated Minecraft Comes Alive
- Updated Bontania
- Updated DragonAPI
- Adding Pre-Loading Screen to see how much longer until game starts
- Added Magical Divination Splash Logo
- Updated RadixCore
- Updated config Files
- Updated Zelda Sword Skills
- Added Placement Config Files for possible future updates
- Added custom loot tables to ChocolateCraft Dungeon
- Added ArsMagica Infinity Stones to all Loot Tables
- Unlocked full ArsMagica Compendium to sync correctly with server
- Re-Adjusted Enchantment ID numbers


Should this pack have a mini-map added to it in addition to AntiqueAtlas? Your vote counts!


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Added Survey Link for Minimap Poll
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