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Sphax for AOTBT

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recently i have tried installing a texture pack for Attack Of The B Team. I have downloaded both:

- Sphax BDCraft 128xMC16

-Sphax BDCraft AOTBT patch


I have used WinRAR to open and both extract Sphax BDCraft AOTBT assests (The mod texture packs) and move them into the Sphax BDCraft 128xMC16.


I have then discarded the  Sphax BDCraft AOTBT and moved the Sphax BDCraft 128xMC16. into my .technic>modpacks>AOTBT>Resourcepacks folder (Still zipped)


Everytime i try to open Attack Of The B Team and seclect options>Resourcepacks>Sphax, it crashes me instantly


Thanks for the help


Could you please respond with your own ways to install or parts i have missed, thanks!

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I'd like to add that as it says on the website you should try to use x64 rather than x32 as some textures are not available in the x32 version


Here's a link to the 64x version already packed with MC1.6 sphax textures to save you the hassle http://www.mediafire.com/download/81jpug8ppf4d9od/MC_+_Attack_of_the_B-Team_64x.zip


As a side note AOTBT is a very demanding mod pack resource wise anyway for example I run it with Nvidia 750 TI oc Gfx card, 4gb ram allocated and High quality shaders and get around 60+ fps but even using the 64x version of Sphax for AOTBT after its loaded all chunks I only get around 19-29 fps so the real question is are you willing to suffer that sort of performance drop just to have this texture pack? (as beautiful as it is)

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