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The updated version is called Tekkit. Look it up.


Lite and Classic can't be updated due to mods and reasons


We've got Lite, we've got Classic, we've got Tekkit. We don't have Tekkit Ultimate xD

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Or, you could use a modpack which has all all the mods updated to 1.6.4 (or using spiritual successors when updates are not available):




It does have Natura added (because vanilla Nether is a stack of suck at this point) and ExtraCells for AE (to provide better liquid storage), but those are easily removed if you wish. I also run a server with this pack and it has been quite stable and fun. While the mod count appears high (when looking at the number of mods listed on the main client screen) this is largely due to having a lot of tiny mods for various aspects of the updates. It is quite light on system resources. There is even a Sphax pack for it: https://copy.com/14LCs9rC1P6v

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