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Ore Dissapearence

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                 Recently in the Tinkers' Construct portion of Attack of the B-Team Copper has disappeared from my worlds completely I dug a 40 By 40 hole in 2 irl [ in real life ] days and my profit from the ores was 0% Tinkers' Construct Copper. This has really made a dent in my Progress into the Mod. I am  hoping this is looked into and if it is just me please notify of my problem so that I can know if I have to create a new world to get Copper. I have recently Discovered the Problem may be the other Copper from another Mod I have found tons of this Copper like its spawn rate had doubled this may be the Problem.

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There's also a tool in MFR called the Unifier which switches like items between their different modpack variants, and melting any copper down in the smeltery then casting it into ingots or blocks will convert it to the tinkers version if you really want it specifically for some reason.


If you've found something where it's really not interchangeable though please report it on the tracker, that's a really helpful thing to do.

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