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European B-Team whitelisted Friendly server. (No Griefing)

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In Game Nick: Henrike_Silver

Skype: henriquesilverguimaraes

Age: 14

Country: Portugal

Modpack Experience: I've played alot of Magic, new mobs and guns Modpacks on single player.

Basic Online Times: Weekends and Tuesdays most of the day

Favorite Mod: Ars Magika

Why do you want to play on the Server: I love modpacks and I feel very lonely playing in single player, I just wanna make some friends and build/cave/battle with them

What do you like to do on the Server: Cave, make some friends and try building with them

What should we know about you: I'm friendly (seriously), happy, I try to make the moment funny whenever I can and I'll help any1 I can. 

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