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Energy generation


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Hi all,

I just got into mine-craft and tekkit. (all those automation options made it interesting, i never tried MC before as it seemed to much manual)

the only problems i have in my single player game at this moment:

how to generate electricity? (are there renewable ways which you can to at the start (as solar seem to need electricity to start of)? in a tutorial i saw magma based power but couldn't found )

also i've seen pipings and what i do n ot understand do they move the liquids or the liquid "spawner"s ? (so will wells/magma wells / oil wells depleat?)

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Well, therer are tons of youtube videos out there, that explain quite a lot. I am afraid it will be a lot of learning :)


First things frist.

Tekkit (the one that is based on minecraft 1.6.4) is the newest one and has no solar panels (at least not that I know of).

There are older packs (Tekkit Lite and Tekkit Classic) which offer you the solar panels.

I am telling you this to make sure you know what modpack we are talking about.


Tekkit (yes, only "Tekkit", the one that is based on minecraft 1.6.4) offers you basically only a few options early game.

Using coal and water to make electricity, then magma/lava (which can be pumped out of the nether at some point) and biofuel. After that somewhen a nuclear reactor is possible .)

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i used the one called only tekkit in the launcher, (not the lite or classic version) there was solar panels in the crafting list (wich i find handy to have) but the magmatick engine was not there (as i am next to a volcano that seemed a good idee). I ltried the tekkit lite to see and there it seem to have magmatic in the list (does that mean you only get what you can see in those list?)

also the wiki seems not to acurate on the subject (or at least it is hard to tell wich version it talks about) and with the tutorials, the same problem (as in hard to identify if it is the version you are playing wich it is presenting)

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This is a frequently asked question, and the easiest way to get introduced will be looking around Youtube for guides.

But since I dislike pointing people to Youtube, here is a very short list of notes how to start:

  • mine some stuff manually, getting a little coal and some ores
  • when you have a bit of gold, silver, lead, copper, iron, redstone and glass, you start making machines
  • dynamos are your basic generators: Steam Dynamos run on solids like coal, Magmatics run on lava
  • start with a Steam Dynamo; note that it needs coal and water; add water by right-clicking with a bucket
  • make a Pulverizer to grind any subsequent ores into dusts for maximum yield (and bonus dusts)
  • make a Redstone Furnace to smelt things better (vanilla furnace will do for the start)
  • make a Leadstone Energy Cell as a power buffer
  • energy cables are called Conduits; they are your best friends


  • you can automate Dynamo water supply by using a submerged Aqueous Accumulator and Fluiducts
  • Magmatic Dynamos are easier because they need no water; but even your volcano is only a very limited lava source
  • all fluids except water can and will deplete if you bucket or pump their source blocks
  • oil works well, but you need a pump, some liquid storage, a Refinery and Compression Dynamos to use it (convert to fuel for much greater efficiency)
  • solar is broken, because only Galacticraft has it, and that mod is retarded
  • there is no good renewable energy, but Yellorium Reactors are awesome and you should start your first one early; burning oil or coal is only a thing if you like doing it, really
  • look for blocks in NEI by typing in the text field at the bottom
  • look up recipes in NEI by hovering over the item and pressing R (default key, can be remapped)
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thank you for the descriptive. (i know about the typing, i just did not known about the name "dynamo" )

the youtube thingies are ok as tutorial, they just do not mention what was changed a year after they have been made
(as for example i am sure i read somewhere that there are no more condensers in tekkit to change one things to other things. but the i've seen those in youtube videos, looked great)

kind-a sad there is no renewable resources for power as it means you need to run around for re-hooking the pipes ... (that is the part i would like to avoid in a game like mine craft)

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There are renewable resources, you just need to set up infrastructure for them. Probably the simplest example would be an MFR tree farm powered by steam dynamos, which sends the wood to be smelted into charcoal which is used to fuel the steam dynamos.

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Indeed, I was referring to renewable energy as in the real-world term, which usually encompasses wind, solar, water, geothermal and bio-generated energy. The latter is accessible via Minefactory Reloaded (MFR) Biofuel. The charcoal generation that Valkon mentions is also an MFR option, although I wonder how good the yields will be. To be efficient with MFR, you probably need to set up the whole farm processing chain, which can be a little daunting when all you want is some power to start with.

I was rather contrasting this to the old IndustrialCraft, which did include solar, wind and water power options also relatively early in game - and is not included in Tekkit any more.


The Condensers were part of Equivalent Exchange 2. If you want to know what became of them, I wrote a little introduction to EE3 >here (short version: they are gone).

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Indeed, I was referring to renewable energy as in the real-world term, which usually encompasses wind, solar, water, geothermal and bio-generated energy.

 Well, that's the beauty of Minecraft and other video games. They aren't real-world.


The prime difference between renewable energy (in the sense of Minecraft resources) in current and older versions of Tekkit essentially boils down to whether the generator is a single block you put in the right place and hook up with cables or a larger, more complex system requiring certain infrastructure in order to make it truly self-operating.


As a personal preference, I prefer the latter over the former.

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thanks for all the idees, i'll try to go with a charcoal based set up first. i made two turtles one to cut the trees automaticly (and replant) and one to sort them out. but i have hard time putting programs in them (so they will be automaticly available to all my turtles, and so i can write them out of the game). the issue is that the mod is zipped and not in a normal directory (and when i try to move it out of the zip, my save has hard time to recognize it :S) any experiences with this issue?

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