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Advanced Genetics Tutorial/Walk-Through

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Hello!  This is a video I had recorded a while ago that covers the Advanced Genetics Mod in Attack of the B Team.  I still play the B Team mod Pack, and am currently looking for some people to play with.  I am manly a builder, but also like to learn the other mods and do not mess with other people's buildings or anything else.  So I won't be a problem there.  I enjoy a nice, friendly community to play with and maybe R.P. with in games or "adventures".  I am not hosting a server, so anyone who is, or has a third party to host it then that would be great!  I hope you enjoy and get everything you need out of my Advanced Genetics tutorial/walk-through.  If you like what you see, then please give that like button a hug and subscribe for the latest buzz :3 and if you had a blast with a good laugh then make sure you favorite the video and share it with a friend or two!


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