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Liquicrafters - a convenient way to pulse them


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Greetings, Tekkiteers!


As I have wasted half an hour on a fruitless search, let me share the final result with you, to save you from wasting your own time as well.


The Liquicrafter is a less well-known MFR block that allows autocrafting recipes which require liquids as part of the recipe. The most notable one, for which I installed it myself, is making Enderium Blend from tin dusts, shiny dusts, and a bucket of Resonant Ender. While the TE Cyclic Assembler can craft this as well, there is no way to get empty buckets out of it again, which precludes any meaningful automation.


It's not hard to set up a Magma Crucible to smelt Ender Pearls and pipe the Resonant Ender into the Liquicrafter. Neiter is it hard to fill the Liquicrafter's solid item inventory with the necessary dusts. The hard thing is the Redstone signal.

You see, the damned thing will only produce on pulses, i.e. when a Redstone signal is first being applied. That means you either install a button and keep mashing it, or use a lever and flip it like a madman. Neither is a particularly good or pleasant solution.


So, I looked into Redstone circuit logic to learn how to make a continuous pulse. Which is so hideously complicated that I facepalmed several times during my search. Also because nine out of ten Youtube guides out there are either wrong or not explained properly. Which supports my previous theory that the vast majority of Youtubers are retards.


But I found an elegant solution after all. Extra Utilities to the rescue: There is a block called Redstone Clock, which will simply pulse once a second. I placed it in front of the Liquicrafter, put a Redstone Torch on top and now I get one turn of work from the thing each second. That means, the torch is right in front of the machine, the Redstone Clock is one block below.



If you want to pulse your Liquicrafter to make it run continuously, use an Extra Utilities Redstone Clock, and don't bother making a circuit.

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There is a Project Red clock gate too, and I think you can set its speed, but I'm not sure and I don't know if you can modify Extra Utils' one

Thanks for the heads up anyway, didn't know liquicrafters needed a pulse, this bring back the old BuilCraft when everything was working on pulse

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The Extra Utilities Redstone Clock seems very basic. No interface, and I have not found any way to configure it. There are of course always advanced options for tinkerers - this is Tekkit after all.  ;-)

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Since the Cyclic Assembler does not have internal liquid storage and also otherwise does not hint that it supports liquid pipe input, I will consider it an exploit. Intentional maybe, but more of an exploit than a feature.

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Derp, its on the right side of it.

Lets say you want to craft enderium.

Get a Schematic and put in the recipe of Enderium Blend (with a bucket/can/whatever of enderium)

Pump in the liquid enderium into a blue side of the Assembler.

The Assembler will then use the right amount of Enderium and the items in its inventory to craft.

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