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How to get a Hack/Mine server going![Easy]


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  1. Download the file linked above and unzip it.
  2. Grab an unmodified Minecraft 1.2.3 server jar.
  3. Be prepared to use your favorite archive editor (WinZip, 7Zip, etc)
  4. Drag the innards of "server" into the server jar.
  5. Drag the innards of "lib" into the server jar.
  6. Do NOT delete the META-INF from the jar!
  7. Place the jar wherever you want it.
  8. Copy the "spells" directory itself into whatever directory the server jar is located.
  9. Run the jar, and you're all set!

START SERVER WITH THIS http://www.mediafire.com/?tewybn7ndoiqx9y (server starter AKA atachment)





++++ http://www.mediafire.com/download/2lcw4ig8t0w1ria/hackslashmine0.6.4.6.zip ++++ H/M latest version.











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"Use the attachment to run the server if double clicking the server.jar didn't work!"

I have done everything successfully, but I encountered the the exact error stated above. I double click the server.jar but nothing happens.

Apparently the solution to this is "using the attachment".

I would really love to use this attachment. Where would I find this fangled attachment?

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anyone else getting this error "Failed to generate server properties,

at st. a (source file:29)

at st. b (source file:37)" and the last 2 lines keep repeating. Anyone?

and also when im going to use the attachment, it just closes out immediately after i open it.

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[[EDIT]]-Okay for some reason I decided to re-try dragging the files inside the server file into my jar file (like I already did a million times, idk why I decided to try again), but it fixed it. I connected made a character and played on my server.

ORIGINAL-I just tried to make my own server. Everything is right. I have the 1.2.3 server, I followed all the directions, everything is as it should be, but when I try to connect to my server I get this-


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