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Integrating LP into the ME system broken?


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I have been reading up on things that say that the LP system can provide things just fine out of the ME system, just not craft anything in AE.

However after setting it up I get.. nothing..




Is it broken or am I just derping somewhere?

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Did you use one of the MK chassie pipes from LP?  From what I have been told, they work better then the regular pipes.  Use the upgrade cards to give the chassie the supplier and (share inventory??) upgrades.  Preferably the higher level versions of these cards as well.

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Hi Nensec,


I think you forgot to power your Remote order request pipe ! add an basic logistic pipe or even a  cobblestone pipe on top of it and as soon as you provide power to your LP network it should help your Remote order request pipe to work. ^^


So I've tested it and it's working fine both directions :



I've discovered on your screenshot that Logistic power jonction is not compulsory because the ME interface is providing power to the logistic pipe network. Nice ^^

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I have it working now, the problem was that you need to have one 'network' of LP pipes on the interface. I forgot to add a pipe conecting the supplier and provider to the request pipe, connecting them up make it work : )

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